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HaiQiang logistics International Co., Ltd. is a forwarder specializing in providing our customers with the one-step service for exporting and importing goods started on 1995. Our head office is located in Shenzhen.In Shenzhen,We are always on the leading position of this field,And we have always been respected by our customers. Our experience combined with the latest technology and logistics expertise allows us to meet our customers'specific needs. Whether you're taking advantage of low cost sourcing opportunities about Int’l Express,Airfreight,Warehousing and so on. Our solutions offer you the benefit of flexible logistics to meet your needs. HaiQiang logistics International Co., Ltd. is a "Class A" Forwardong Company approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economy Cooperation of P.R.China to operate international Express&Air freight forwarding business.

HaiQiang logistics International Co., Ltd. has overnore hundred sales people and a number of regular clients,which has many branch in south region of china. Our mission is to offer our value-adding service, perfect freight management and professional logistic solutions to every client. No matter what the scale your company is doing, we can provide you with each different service mode according to your different request and taste. From HongKong or ShenZhen city to all over the world, We can control whole process about transportation.

HaiQiang logistics International Co., Ltd. has a professional team of customs, the import and export operation rights, may be specialized in Sensitive Parcels (Such as: Battery goods,Liquid goods,E-Cigarette goods and so on), import and export customs clearance, transit, general trade customs clearance, customs clearance border transportation services, and other import and export related business consulting services. HaiQiang logistics International Co., Ltd. has been devoted to safe-mode to the International transportation, to improve logistics efficiency and save costs, to satisfy customer needs, so as to further increase customer’s business to the stability and development. We hope to become your the best logistics partner!




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